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このサイトは、日本の中学校英語教員のためのものです。中学校英語文法指導とコミュニケーション練習を結びつけるのは難しいです。Grammar Tasksでは、「Grammar Commentaries」や「Communicative Tasks」を通して、英文法をよりコミュニケーチブに教えることができます。






Hello. My name is Tim Ashwell. I am the creator of this site.

I have lived in Japan for more than 25 years and for 23  of those years I have been teaching at Komazawa University. I initially came to Japan in 1984 on the 'British English Teachers Scheme' which was the precursor to the JET Program. I worked in a senior high school in Toyama for two years and visited junior high schools once a week to take part in team teaching. 

I taught 英語科教育法 classes at Tokyo Gaidai for 7 years and have taught the same courses at Komazawa University for 8 years. I am very interested in JHS teaching, teachers and textbooks and I hope that this site and the materials on it are of some use to you.

If you do use the Grammar Commentaries or the Communicative Tasks, please send me an email to let me know what you think about the materials and how you think they could be improved.

Good luck with your teaching!

Regards,     Tim Ashwell


I would like to thank Sayuri Ishida for checking the Japanese translation and for working out how to express things in ways that would make sense to a teacher.

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